Warring a great conflict with the prophecies concerning you

What prophecies have gone ahead concerning you? What are you doing to peer them fulfilled in your life? God desires to bless you but the enemy desires to steal the benefits from you. This is the cause you should battle to look the achievement of god’s word on your lifestyles. This newsletter offers you one critical step you should engage to save you the enemy from stealing your benefits.

This charge I dedicate unto thee, son timothy, in step with the prophecies which went earlier than on thee, that thou via them lightest struggle an awesome battle — 1 timothy 1:18(AJV).

Rise, take your journey, and pass over the river arson. Appearance, I have given into your hand Simon the favorite, king of Heston, and his land. Begin to own it, and interact him in struggle — Deuteronomy 2:24 (NKVD).

God’s thoughts for you are not evil however accurate to provide you a destiny and wish Request a Prophecy His plan is to give you richly all things to enjoy. However, the enemy has a contrary time table towards you, which is to steal, kill and damage all that issues you. But god has made a way for us nevertheless get hold of our blessing in spite of the Satan, that is to interact him in war.

In Deuteronomy 2:24, god gave into the palms of the Israelite their enemy, the king Simon and his land, but he asked them to start to own it by using contending with him in a conflict. The land changed into theirs with the aid of prophecy and victory became assured with the aid of the lord, but they had to take ownership of it by using enticing the king in battle.

In our gift-day, our struggle is not physical war however a non-secular one. We battle in prayersWith prophecies which have been declared or written approximately us. Paul known as it a very good conflict due to the fact victory were determined in our favor beforehand of time. It is left for us to hope it into being, keeping unto the guarantees of god unto us.

God stated you have to put him in remembrance (Isaiah 43:26) and he, who watches over his phrase to perform it, will do it. many Christians have no longer obtained their advantages due to the fact they’re looking forward to the word to take place without imposing it. the Satan will launch you’re blessing till you force him to achieve this in prayers. You have to violently take it by using pressure. You do not watch prophecies; you conflict with them in prayers!

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