How to Best Prevent Cramps When Swimming

During my initial phase of training to become a swim coach, I often get cramps at my legs which led to excessive pain. Even though, I have tried to do warm up and stretching before my swimming session, the cramps seem to be persistent. It really affects me in Lifeguard courses near me terms of morale and sometimes I do feel like giving up half way. However, I decided to carry on and do research to solve the issue.

Below are the preparation I have done to prevent the tragedy happening and hope it helps you.

1) Drink sufficient water and have sufficient rest

In the past, I do not have knowledge that no consuming enough water will lead to performance. Dehydration is the main factor for it. Research has shown that without adequate fluid replacement, exercise tolerance of the athlete has shown to decrease during long duration due to loss of water through sweating. Knowing the roots of the issue, I embarked on a strict diet of water parade whereby I drink fluid regularly especially when I need to undergo a tough session. What are the results from it? I notice a significant improvement in my progress as I do not get cramp easily as before. The percentage of cramp occurrence has decreased which made me delight. Sufficient rest is also important for the athlete. Research has shown that those who did not have sufficient sleep will experience slower storage of glycogen. These will lead to prevention of storage of the fuel a swimmers need for endurance event or training session. Swimmers also need rest to recover from the higher intensity of training. These are important as during the phase of recovery, you need to pay attention to how your body feel and how you can change the training program accordingly.

2) A proper warm up and stretching

After ensuring the preparation is done, it is now the athlete call to ensure nothing goes wrong. Before the session begins, I will do a proper warm up to prepare my body physically and mentally. Warm up routine consist of light jogging, swimming or cycling. Lifeguard courses near me After the warm up, I will stretch my whole body muscle ensuring that all the major muscle will be stretched. Normally, I will do two sets of stretching to ensure that the major muscles are stretched. Land drills will be performed to ensure specific muscle groups are warm up for the later session.

Cramps can be prevented by doing sufficient preparations. Different person has different body thus it is important to understand how your body will react. Most importantly, have fun while swimming.

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